Summer trips

We have had a such a great summer full of lots of different sessions and activities. We have been so busy we haven’t had time to upload pictures, but keep your eyes peels because they will be coming over the next few days

Here are some from our offsite sessions activities that we began planning through our detached work. We went iceskating at Riverside Leisure Centre and to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary. These types of events support young people with developing skills around independence and thinking about boundaries, responsibility and personal safety. We always risk assess as a group, agreeing expectation to keep everyone safe and happy. These are skills young people can use when the going out themselves with friends.

Not only that but we work with young people, and try our best and listen to what interest them, what they want to do and would enjoy. We want young people to know they are important, so we invest our time, efforts and energy into them. During these two events we have seen young people help and support each other, we have seen confidence to try new things and incredible determination, we have seen friendships grow, we have seen young people be responsible, engaged, silly, funny, sad, frustrated, excited, proud and more!!

Youth work provides young people with safe spaces to explore these emotions and experiences, developing skills and confidence to take forward with them


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