Mental Health Awareness Week at NAYC

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week last week, we have been working on self care boxes. Young people have talked about what mental health means to them and how everyone can practice self care. We will continue to work on them over the next few weeks and then they will be taken home.

Mental health is part of everyone’s health, wether it’s anger, sadness, confusion, anxiety, or any other emotion, everyone experiences them and being able to manage them supports resilience, confidence and general well being.

If you would like to make your own box below are some suggestions, or come along to session to create one with friends

💙 write a letter to yourself, reminding you of the people that love you, the things you look forwards to doing in your life, the things you like about yourself, all the things you have achieved and overcome and memories you have that make you smile

💙 a list of positive people you can turn to, parents, family, friends, a teacher or even a youth worker 🙂

💙a letter from a friend that makes you smile

💙a list of organisations that can offer support, Kooth, childline, Chathealth, The children’s society, GP or pastoral support for example

💙a list of music that makes you feel good

💙 a list of activities you like to do, a bike ride, watch Tv, have a bath, play PlayStation, paint, draw or write maybe

💙photos that remind you of things that make you smile

💙 a nice smelly candle, bath bomb, chocolate, hot chocolate, comfy socks… anything that brings you comfort, calm and happiness


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